Examination Booking Form

[The application for examination has been ended on 24th December 2021]

Applicant should notice that all the bookings made via this website are for the examination held at Hong Kong Examination Centre only.  For enrolling the examination held at other centre, please consult IFE Head Office or its respective Branch at the region.




Please note that following discounts will be offered if 4 papers of the same qualification are applied together:

  • 4 papers in Level 4 Diploma will be discounted to HK$4,820
  • 4 papers in Level 3 Diploma will be discounted to HK$4,390
  • 4 papers in Level 3 Certificate will be discounted to HK$1,810
Date/ Time Qualification Paper Fee  
No Exam available

Please check your enrollment carefully.  No change nor refund will be entertained after confirmation.

Consent for sanctioning the examination result(s) to FSD

With your consent, IFE (Hong Kong Branch) will inform FSD your result(s) obtained in the examination this year upon the announcement from IFE Head Office.  The result(s) of your professional qualification will be recorded by FSD and be promulgated on the Headquarters Administrative Circular (HQAC).  You should notice that if you choose NOT to sanction the examination result(s) to FSD here, you will have to report your examination result(s) as well as the subsequent qualification attained (for which this examination result(s) contributes to), to FSD by yourself.

Do you give the consent to IFE (Hong Kong Branch) to inform the FSD your result(s) obtained in this Examination?

For any enquiry, or if you are disable and have access requirements, please contact us via email at examhkife@hkife.org