About Us 

Duty Reference of Committees 

The Secretariat

  • Work under the direction of the Council for all secretarial duties;
  • Handle general external correspondence;
  • Attend all meetings of the Branch and take minutes of the proceedings; and
  • Carry out any duties as the President may direct.

The Treasury


  • Handle all accounts of the Hong Kong Branch such as accounts receivable, accounts payable and others;
  • Deal with membership fees; and
  • Liaise with IFE(HQ) for Branch account matters.



Professional Institutions Liaison Committee

  • Liaise with other relevant professional institutions/bodies for achieving reciprocal recognition of qualifications in order to uplift the professional status of the Institution; and
  • Liaise closely with Membership Committee for follow up action, if necessary.

Membership Committee

  • Provide information on membership matters and process membership applications;
  • Handle members’ enquiries and consultations regarding membership affairs including eligibility for transfer of membership grades that are often of common concern, and assist the members to solve such related problems;
  • Liaise with other relevant professional institutions/bodies with excellent standing and explore channels to achieve mutual recognition of membership qualifications in order to uplift the professional status of the Institution;
  • Assist qualified members to apply for registration with the UK Engineering Council as Chartered Engineers (CEng) through the Institution’s UK Engineering Council Division (ECD), and co-ordinate with the Division on related matters; and
  • Review and recommend revision / modification of membership regulations and qualifications to IFE(UK) when necessary for obtaining their prior approval to make the changes in order to get improvement and keep up the on-going progress of the Institution’s operation.

Professional Development Committee

  • Promote fire engineering education for members and the community at large;
  • Give assistance and advice on the administration and management of the Fire Engineering programmes;
  • Represent the Branch in its interaction with educational institutions and organizations on matters concerning programmes and courses in fire engineering; and
  • Maintain close liaison with involved institutions/organizations and students of the fire engineering courses or programmes for improvement of programmes/courses.

General Activities Committee

  • Organize social activities; and
  • Maintain close liaison with the Fire Services Department and other sister institutions and professional bodies.

Examination Committee

  • Organize educational and technical visits and seminars;
  • Liaise with Headquarters, UK on validation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities;
  • Maintain close liaison with technical advisors; and
  • Organize other activities to enhance professional status of members.

Webmaster Working Group

  • Oversee the administration and management of the Branch website;
  • Ensure the security and up-dating of the website;
  • Maintain close liaison with the Committee Chairmen, website contractor and web hosting service provider for the above purposes; and
  • Liaise with overseas and local organizations and bodies on maintaining cyber links and communications.

HKIE Liaison Group

  • Liaise with HKIE BS Division and Fire Division for any joint activities.

Fire Division VP Ir Gerald LEE Ir IU Pun Yan BS Division Ir Albert YAU

Technical Group

  • Maintain technical and engineering competency of the Branch;
  • Represent the Branch to join external technical committees or technical groups as such FSSAG and Ventilation Group;
  • Provide technical input to any external invitations for comments on technical documents;
  • Form special task groups to deal with technical issues when necessary; and
  • Assist Technical Activities Committee.

GA Representative

  • Serve as a formal link between Branch member and the Board of Directors via International General Assembly;
  • Represent the Branch at International General Assembly Meetings / Workshops;
  • Forward concerns from a Branch / member’s perspective on Institutional policies, advance questions on programme matters or raise fire engineering concerns deemed to require Institution action at the corporate level; and
  • In conjunction with other IGAs, consider agenda items and decide on appropriate action(s) and direct the International General Assembly secretariat to record same.