Chartered Engineer Application

Application to join Engineering Council via IFE (Hong Kong Branch)

This section provides additional information on the procedure for applying CEng qualification via IFE Hong Kong Branch.  The branch will act on behalf IFERG to facilitate the application process.

Applicants should hold exemplifying qualifications that cover the academic requirements listed on the Engineering Council website  under the section Course Search

Applicants are required to submit the application form, together with a Professional Review Report – successful applicants at this stage of the process are then asked to attend a Professional Review Interview.


Please find below step by step procedure for application via IFE Hong Kong Branch

1. Prepare the full submission package with appropriate signed off, including Professional Review Report[1], application forms, CPD record, certificates etc.

2. Scan the entire submission package, preferably in colour.

3. Write a cheque for application fee (Initial Fee only) payable to “The Institution of Fire Engineers (Hong Kong Branch)”. Scan an image of the cheque.

4. Email the submission package and the image of the cheque (for application fee) to and

5. Send the cheque for application fee to the following address:

The Institution of Fire Engineers (HK Branch)
P.O. Box No.98649,
Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office,
Kowloon, Hong Kong.

6. Once the Initial Fee payment is received, the full submission package will be sent to the IFERG membership committee for processing. The submission will be reviewed by at least three professional reviewers. Applicant will be notified the outcome of the review. If the outcome of the review is positive, IFERG membership committee will instruct the IFE HK Branch to conduct Professional Review Interview in Hong Kong.

7. Applicant will be requested to pay for the Interview Fee. A cheque payment shall be scanned, emailed, and sent by post as per Step 4 and 5 above.

8. Applicant will be notified of the Professional Review Interview by email.

9. Once the Professional Review Interview is conducted and the outcome is positive, the application is successfully completed.

Note [1]: Applicants should prepare a precise and high-quality Professional Review Report to demonstrate meeting the IPD Objectives for Chartered Engineer.

General – CEng Application

All applications for registration with the Engineering Council are considered based on academic qualifications and professional development, which includes experience and continuing professional development.  For general information on how to become chartered engineer vie IFE including application checklist, please visit

For information on the IPD Objectives for Chartered Engineer, please see

For the Guidance on preparing the Professional Review Report (PRR) Guidance, please refer to

For CPD guidance, please refer to

Application for Other Grades under Engineering Council

The IFE is licensed by the Engineering Council and, if you are appropriately qualified and experienced, you could be registered as a Chartered Engineer,  an Incorporated Engineer or an Engineering Technician.

For more information please visit  

If you are interested to apply for Incorporated Engineer or Engineering Technician via Hong Kong Branch, please contact