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Fire Asia 2018


This era has seen the emergence of skyscrapers and intricately designed buildings that have posed great challenges to firefighting and rescue operations not only in Asia, but worldwide. Added to these are the threats brought by epidemics, natural disasters or other unprecedented emergencies. Fire engineering designs, ambulance services and disaster relief work have to be constantly updated to stay abreast of modern developments and meet the multifaceted challenges of safety management. To build a safe city is a formidable task. All parties involved must forge closer cooperation and seek views from fire and ambulance professionals and other emergency responders from time to time, while maintaining a high standard of professionalism in safety management and large-scale disaster management. It is our mission to do our utmost to serve the general public and protect their lives and properties.



This conference is jointly organised by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department, the Institution of Fire Engineers (Hong Kong Branch), the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (Building Services Division), the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (Fire Division), the Ambulance Service Institute (Hong Kong Branch) and the China Hong Kong Fire Protection Association.


Location Map

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Speakers Information

Name / Title Nationality
1 曹奇先生
2 康青春教授
3 Mr. Eric Yap Wee-Teck
Commissioner, Singapore Civil Defense Force
4 Mr. Paul McGill
National Commander Urban, Fire and Emergency New Zealand
New Zealand
5 Mr. BANG Jangwon
Head of Fire Research Institute, National Fire Agency
6 Mr. Andy Roe
Assistant Commissioner, London Fire Brigade
United Kingdom
7 Mr. Donald BLISS
Vice President for Field Operations, National Fire Protection Association
United States  
8 Mr. Neil Gibbins
Past President & Former CEO, The Institution of Fire Engineers
United Kingdom  
9 Professor CHAN Ying Yang, Emily
Assistant Dean, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK
HKSAR, China  
10 Prof. Asif Usmani
Head of Department of Building Services Engineering, HKPU
United Kingdom  
11 Dr. HAN Xin (韓新)
Research fellow, Vice Director, Shanghai Institute of Disaster Prevention & Relief, Tongji University
12 Mr. Otake Teruyuki
Counselor to Fire Chief / Chief, Fire Prevention Section, Tokyo Fire Department
13 Ir Dr. Young WONG
Director, ARUP HK
HKSAR, China  
14 Prof. Freddy K. Lippert
CEO, Emergency Medical Services Copenhagen
15 Dr. LI Ngai, Dennis
Senior Station Officer, Hong Kong Fire Services Department
HKSAR, China  
16 Ir Annie CHOI
Technical Director, WSP (Asia Limited)
HKSAR, China  
17 Mr. Gary Baum
Deputy Chief, New Milford Fire Protection District and Ambulance
United States  
18 Dr. Fan Kit Ling
A&E Consultant, HKU Faculty of Medicine
HKSAR, China  
19 Ir Dr. Ming-chun Luo
Fire Engineer, ARUP
HKSAR, China  
20 Mr. Hermann Laukamp
Researcher, Fraunhofer ISE
21 Mr. CHAN Wai-kuen
Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer, Hong Kong Fire Services Department
HKSAR, China     


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